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How Much Does Massage Cost?

With so many options out there when choosing where to go to get a massage, how do you know if you are going to get the best results for your dollar? Why does it cost $100 for one therapist and $60 for another just down the street? I am going to try to explain this in a way that will help you to make an informed, confident decision and have peace of mind when selecting your next massage therapist.

Setting the price and how All For You Massage compares

One of the first things we look at when determining our pricing is how much the national average is as well as the average price range in our area. Currently in 2021, the national average is $100 for a 60-minute massage and in the Vancouver area you can expect to pay anywhere between $60-$90. We are right there in the middle at $80 and we don’t plan on changing that any time soon. We also offer a couple of options to earn more time for the same price because we know that sometimes, it just isn’t in the budget. We also don’t charge extra for deep tissue, cupping, or hot stone massage which some companies do.

Another determining factor when setting price is how much experience and training the therapist has. If well educated, the therapist will be better equipped to help more people with pain caused by injury for accidents, sports, work and exercise as well as mobility issues. A more medical and therapeutic approach to healing. They will have had multiple years of experience with patients that have come in with a variety of needs. This doesn’t mean that therapist that do exclusively relaxation massage aren’t knowledgeable and educated, relaxation massage is just as effective for mental health and overall wellness. It just means that, if you have a problem and you want it fixed or for it to feel better, experience and education will make a difference. Both Sarah and I have 10+ years of experience and have attended a wide variety of continuing education training. Some of which we use every day and some that comes in handy once and while.

The cost of living is another thing to look at when setting the price and trying to make it affordable. As we all know, since the pandemic started, costs of everything have increased significantly. This includes the cost of licensing, fees, equipment, supplies, taxes, and rents. As therapists, we are very caring community and we would love to make it so that everyone that needs and wants a massage could afford it but we also have to stay in business to make sure we are there to help as many as we can and to, hopefully one day, get to a place where we can donate our services and still stay afloat.

To put it simply

Massage can seem expensive if you don’t believe that it is a key component to healing and to your overall health and wellness but it is a huge investment when you do.

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