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How Long Should my Massage be?

Have you ever been in a massage and the therapist stops at point and says, “that’s all we have time for today”. You think, what? Didn’t we just start? I’m not finished! Yep, me too. If that is what you are thinking, and you are getting a 60-minute massage, try increasing the time to a 75 min, 90 min, or even a 2-hour massage! I know when I am on the table, it feels like I could be there for 3 hours before everything I wanted to get done was even close to being treated and relaxed.

I understand for some, laying there for 2 hours seems impossible. You could have a hard time sitting still, need to take frequent bathroom breaks, or just have a lot to do during the day. It’s ok. You can definitely ask your therapist to take a break if you need to get up and use the restroom. A lot of people who have anxiety come in for massage and. I can tell you from experience, they are the quietest, most still clients that I have worked with. Massage can help with anxiety. It decreases stress to help you lay on the table and “zone out”.

There are a lot of ways to ensure comfort during your massage. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want and communicate with your therapist. We are here to help you feel as comfortable as possible. That is what we strive for.

If the fear of the unknown is what is holding you back from scheduling your massage, call and ask. Or, ask when you come in for your visit. Not question is weird. We’ve heard it all. Hopefully this blog helped you dissipate some of that fear. as well. Start taking care of yourself with relaxing, healing massage today. You will definitely be glad that you did!

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