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Does Massage Help With Sciatica?

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

What is sciatica or sciatic nerve pain?

Sciatic pain is caused by a tense or inflamed muscle, typically the piriformis muscle located deep below the glute (butt) muscles, putting pressure on the sciatic nerve which can cause lower back pain and can radiate or “shoot” down the leg. It usually only effects one side of the lower body. It can even go as far down as the foot. Sitting, standing, work, and exercise can all aggravate these symptoms.

Massage therapy can be very helpful in relieving sciatic pain and, in some cases, when the muscle is healed and no longer tense, it can eliminate the pain after some consistent treatment. Stretching and home care given by a physician and your massage therapist are also key components to helping eliminate this pain.

After treatment, your massage therapist should be able to give you some good stretches and home care techniques, as well.

To find access to the most effective stretches that can help alleviate sciatic pain, click on the links below.

All For You Massage can help you to manage this type of pain as well. Call or text us at (360) 900-1122 or click here to schedule online.

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