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But I Cannot Afford Massage

Massage therapy has become one of the most sought-after ways to manage pain, stress, and overall wellness. The insurance companies are slowly starting to recognize the benefits of massage as well.

A lot of us feel like massage is only a luxury. It is a luxury but it is a necessary luxury. Some have either never experienced a massage, therefore, have their own ideas of what it entails or they just don’t feel like spending money on it regularly is a priority. This is understandable. Even as a therapist, sometimes, I put off my treatment in order to either work more or to put money towards improving my home or add to my garden.

A massage costs anywhere between $80-$100 an hour in our area right now. Unfortunately, inflation has affected everyone. If you think about it though, how much do you spend on a cup of coffee each week? Or going out to a meal? These days, my husband and I cannot get out of a sit-down restaurant for less than $60, and that is being frugal! It’s highly unlikely that we go out to eat less than once a month. If you cut back on 2 meals out (or 4 for a single person) a month, there is your massage budget. It sounds simple, and I know it is not quite that simple but, it’s something to think about.

Getting a monthly massage can increase energy, help improve sleep quality, and give an overall feeling of relief from the stresses of everyday life. Trust me, I know that delicious glass of Sauvignon Blanc at the end of the work week (or the work day) can be very comforting. Wouldn’t you want to feel good overall for a longer period of time? Start putting the money that you would normally spend on wine, or a meal out, or that weekly coffee, into a jar at home and label it "stress relief". Then, take care of yourself in a way that will last and give you more than one single benefit. Your body will thank you for taking care of it!

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