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Should I get a massage during the pandemic/Covid/Coronavirus?

All of us have been stressed out at one time or another in the past year and a half. Whether that's because of COVID and all the things that have trickled down from it or whether it's just the everyday stuff. I certainly am still stressed at times. So, what can you do to help alleviate some of that unhealthy stress? Well, a massage of course! But, is it safe right now? Absolutely!

Massage therapists take careful precaution in sanitizing their stations and offices and have definitely upped the processes since the pandemic began. In order to be able to continue caring for our patients, we had to make sure our processes for cleanliness were in order and that we were following the guidelines to protect each person that came in.

Every time a person leaves after their massage, the massage therapist washes their hands and forearms, each table is given a new set of sheets that have been sanitized, the room is sanitized where people have been, the face cradle is sanitized, and the face cradle covers are replaced. Masks are worn as well, if required.

You should feel safe at your massage especially when trying to destress and especially at this time in life. Your massage therapist wants to take the worry of that out so you can focus on feeling relaxed and safe.

Make sure you stay home if you aren’t feeling well to help stop the spread of any kind of sickness. Let’s all work together to keep each other safe!

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