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Massage For Visibly Toned Muscles

Updated: Oct 7, 2017

Massages don’t just feel great, they also provide excellent recovery assistance for Crossfit athletes or any type of athlete. Getting regular massage can help you reduce soreness and risk of injury while increasing mobility so you can perform better. Although they say that the ideal time to get a massage is 45 minutes after a workout, I understand

that is not realistic so just try to have a massage appointment scheduled every 2 weeks (not right before a workout either) and you will benefit just as much as getting a massage right away.

During high intensity exercise, lactic acid and general toxins from acidity increase in your muscles. Your body can naturally clear lactic acid and toxins with time and rest, however, massage can help expedite the process, especially when you are working out often.

Other Benefits of Massage Include:

  • Massage lengthens fascia and muscle easing it back into place. This increases range of motion and has the added benefit of making your muscles look more toned.

  • Increases blood flow and circulation, getting more oxygen into your body.

  • Decreases anxiety and stress.

  • Helps reduce pain and inflammation in the joints, tendons, nerves, and bones.

The best times to get a massage:

  • At least 45 minutes after you have completed your WOD for the day.

  • During recovery periods – rest days or de-load weeks.

  • 3 days before a competition or race.  This will help to improve your range of motion and mobility for your competition.

  • After a competition or race to help you recover quickly.

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