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How Massage Can Help Reduce Stress

Stress is a normal part of life. Stress can be beneficial to you but when it becomes out of balance it can be harmful to your health. Stress can block the body from knowing whether to be in "fight or flight mode". This reaction can create cortisol hormones. This can have some frustrating, negative effects on your body such as rapid weight gain, high blood pressure, and mood swings which can show up as anxiety or depression. High cortisol levels in the

body is just one result of too much and lengthy bouts of stress in someone's life.

It seems that in the past 3 years there has been in increase in the stress levels with my clients. This has caused me to take a closer look at the effects of stress and what self-care a

ctivities are the most helpful during this time. Of course diet and exercise are two major activities that can be done to help the body stay healthy and be less stressed. Just a small amount each day, a walk for example, would help with to lower the stress hormones that can be bubbling up in the body. Massage therapy has proven to lower stress and blood pressure levels and can also help with your quality of sleep. A good, relaxing deep tissue massage can g

reatly improve muscle mobility and help to keep them healthy and feeling relaxed for a longer period of time throughout your week. Monthly or bi-monthly 60-90 minute massages are a necessary luxury that should be added into everyone's routine and budget. A lot of the time insurance covers massage therapy so check your benefits or give them a call to find out if your plan has coverage.

Taking care of our body

is key to a healthy, happy quality of life. Make an appointment with your therapist today or start your search for a good massage therapy office!

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